Keeping your pets safe on Halloween

Halloween is here and all the festivities and fun that go along with it. Here are some tips on keeping your four-legged family members safe…

1. Do not leave doors and windows open
As trick or treaters come and go, please make sure that your dogs and cats don’t run away. Constant knocking on the door and all the strange costumes can stress out our pets, and sometimes if they find an open door or window they may just leave!

2. Candy wrappers
If you find candy wrappers on the ground, please pick them up. They can carry the smell of the candy that was in them and if swallowed by our dogs, it can cause bowl obstruction which will require surgery.

3. Xylitol
A substance that is in most candies, which can be extremely dangerous to our pets’ health.

4. Chocolate covered raisins
Another deadly combination, as both chocolate and raisins are highly toxic for dogs to eat.

5. Pet costumes
Look for buttons and decorations on your pets’ costumes that can be easily chewed off and eaten. Also please make sure that they don’t overheat inside their costumes.

6. Glow in the dark sticks
Glow in the dark items have phenol, and are not appropriate for dogs to chew on. If phenol leaks out, it will burn the dog’s mouth and tongue.

Wishing you and your furry friends a very happy and safe Howloween!