Maryam also volunteers as a foster for dogs waiting to be adopted, and one of those dogs was my dog Joplin, who had been returned by her initial adopting family because of behavioral problems she was demonstrating. By the time I adopted Joplin after a few weeks of being fostered by Maryam, she was incredibly well behaved, and we saw no signs of the previously reported behavioral concerns. I am so grateful to Maryam for getting Joplin off to such a great start with her training; this made a huge difference to me as a first time dog owner.
— Hanna Popick, Menlo Park, CA

My 5 month old Vizsla and I have worked with Maryam for several months, which continues to be a wonderful experience. Her humane methods bring out the best in my dog and by working in harmony with his personality, we are able to train him in a fun and rewarding environment. She has taught us basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come in addition to more advanced training like nose work ... but more importantly, she has worked with us in our home to help manage some of the day to day challenges of living with a high energy puppy. By working with her we are on the road to having a well behaved dog and we're having fun along the way. I would highly recommend Maryam to anyone who wants to train their dog.
— Melissa Griffiths, San Carlos

We are happy and grateful to work with Maryam towards understanding our dogs better. She helped us put things in perspective and see things through our dogs eyes. As a result our dogs are calmer now, listen to commands and when they display certain behaviors, we now understand why and we are able to act accordingly. Maryam has lots of experience with dogs with different backgrounds as she is always volunteering around the Bay Area and beyond. This is beneficial to all dog lovers and owners, as she can use her rich experience in helping you create a stronger bond with your beloved pet.
— Mike & Rodica Lamuth